Princeps simplifies the secure sourcing and supply of fully traceable electronic, electrical & electromechanical (EEE) components for hi-rel (high reliability) applications across a range of advanced industry sectors, including aerospace & defence, mass transit, medical and industrial. 

Explore some of the most common sectors we serve below: 

The aerospace industry is engaged in the design, development and manufacture of any vehicles involved in flight. Relying on a secure, flexible supply chain focused on continuous improvement, our aerospace customers expect on-time delivery and zero defects. Princeps operates a quality management system that meets the stringent requirements of the AS9120 standard. AS9120 is based on ISO 9001, but includes almost 100 additional requirements specific to the aerospace industry. 

Customers in the defence industry are part of a global trade in manufacturing and selling all manner of military technologies, from components such as power supplies, through land, sea and air vehicles to networked communications and defence systems. Traceable, defect free electrical components are vital. Due to platform lifetimes often being measured in decades, lifecycle support has to continue throughout, making obsolescence management tools an essential key to success. Princeps help our defence customers with BOM monitoring services to identify problematic parts early – and when obsolete parts must be used, our AS6081 program can mitigate residual risks. 

Customers in the security sector are looking for genuine and defect free electrical components. Security system components should be purchased with criteria other than cost in mind. Knowledge and experience with global certifications, regulations and protocols are also of paramount importance to security customers – and Princeps always delivers. 

Transportation and mass transit systems can span rail, automotive and aerospace – and customers in transport compliance need parts sourced only from the OCM (original component manufacturer) or from one of their current approved distributors, with the goods delivered with full traceability back to the OCM, which Princeps can guarantee. 

Customers in the automotive industry, encompassing companies and organisations engaged in the design and manufacturing of motor vehicles, require genuine and fully traceable solutions. Certification requirements are multi-faceted and stringent, particularly for emerging technologies, including EVs (electric vehicles) and connected and autonomous or driver-assist systems. The importance of a reliable supplier at source should not be underestimated and Princeps can ensure 100% traceable solutions for all customers in the automotive industry. 

The procurement of electro-medical components is regulated by rigorous global approval procedures and certifications. Proven expertise in this field is the only way to ensure total satisfaction that the components provided are genuine and fully traceable. Our customers in the medical sector are guaranteed full compliance and meticulous practices to deliver 100% certifiable medical components. 

Almost everywhere in the world, the energy industry is composed of three key elements: generation; transmission and distribution networks; and retail. Serving our customers in the renewable energy sector with safe, genuine electrical components is critical to delivering energy which consumers and businesses alike rely on daily. Due to long-life platforms, continuous support is essential, making obsolescence management fundamental to our customers’ success. 

The oil & gas industry is involved in exploring, extracting and refining petroleum products. Gasoline and fuel oil account by far for the largest volume in the industry. Globally speaking, it is still one of the largest and most crucial industries in the world, and our customers expect certificated, traceable and counterfeit-protected electrical components, which are fundamentally crucial to its future. 

ATEX is the name of the two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres, in essence to protect workers most at risk in what are deemed ‘explosive workplaces.’ Essentially, we help our customers in these high-risk industries keep their people safe. 

Instrumentation is a shared term for measuring instruments used for indicating, measuring and recording physical quantities. Accuracy is essential for our customers, and using safe electrical components is the only way to ensure this. Princeps guarantee 100% precision for all our customers. 

Broadcast is the distribution of audio or video content to a wide audience using electronic mass communications, for instance via radio or television. An ever-changing, progressive industry – our customers require rapid turnaround on new solutions with the reassurance of mitigating obsolescence at every turn.