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When you cannot find the parts you need from manufacturer authorised sources the open market can provide the only source to keep your lines running.

Princeps ASSURE is our premium service for the supply of such parts.

Parts supplied under our Princeps ASSURE offering are guaranteed to have been through a robust inspection process incorporating a combination of techniques that can include Basic Electrical (Curve Tracer), High Magnification Microscopy, Chemical Resistance, Microfocus X-Ray and, when required, XRF, decapsulation and parametric electrical testing.

Our Princeps ASSURE service generates a product information pack that is held for all consignments and can be viewed under our open book policy.

Princeps ASSURE can incorporate further testing to meet specific requirements, such as solderability and electrical parametric tests. We will discuss your exact requirements at the enquiry stage.

If you would like to discuss further the options available to you for obsolete and hard to find product, please call us or email