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Quality, service and communication are the three elements that make Princeps stand out from the competition. Quality is the main driver for our business and one that everyone in the company is involved with.

Princeps belong to an elite of Electronic, Electrical and Electro-mechanical (EEE) part distributors in the world, holding both AS9120 and AS6081 Quality Certifications.  AS9120/AS6081 distributors such as Princeps are perfectly positioned to address your AS9100D/AS5553 Counterfeit Mitigation requirements.

AS9120 is our Quality Management System, it incorporates all of ISO9001 with additional industry requirements for aerospace:

·         Continual improvement

·         Chain of custody

·         Traceability

·         Stock control

·         Availability of records

AS6081 covers our Counterfeit Parts Control Plan – it standardises practices to:

·         Identify reliable sources for procurement

·         Assess and mitigate the risk of distributing fraudulent/counterfeit parts

·         Control suspect or confirmed fraudulent/counterfeit parts

·         Report suspect or confirmed fraudulent/counterfeit parts to other potential users

Having both demonstrates our ability to help if :

·         Your parts have to have full aerospace traceability

·         You need to meet AS9100D/AS5553 Counterfeit Mitigation obligations

·         You’re looking for a low risk, trusted-source for obsolete parts requiring acceptance plan to aerospace standards (ARP6328 or IEC TS62668-2)

The combination of AS9120 & AS6081 ensures heightened risk management leading to greater consistency and traceability of products to address the issues prevalent in today’s EEE parts supply chain.

Both standards require a multi stage certification process followed by periodic surveillance audits to ensure compliance is maintained throughout the three-year certification cycle.

All audits and surveillance visits are conducted by independent aerospace auditors, our AS9120 audit reports are logged on the IAQG Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) Certified Supplier Directory for review by prospective customers, or better still you can come and have a look for yourself!