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Another six months of growth

Friday 1st May 2015

Time is flying by, the first half of our year here at Princeps has been pretty extraordinary with our company records for order intake, bookings and shipments smashed, amazing stuff.   I have been reviewing a breakdown of our service provision and it makes interesting reading. In the past 12 months 90% of our business […]

What a start to 2015!

Tuesday 24th February 2015

What a fantastic start to 2015, January was a record breaking bookings month for us as we continue adding new customers. We are gearing up to the challenges of an AS6081 implementation so we have made considerable investment in new test equipment with an updated microscope system already in place and decapsulation equipment following, allowing […]

What 2015 holds for Princeps

Tuesday 13th January 2015

Among the many good habits we have formed here at Princeps is the formulating of a good set of New Year’s resolutions. We are sitting down tomorrow to finalise these for the 2015, and in preparing for this happy task I have been reflecting on what we achieved last year. Well, what a fantastic year […]

The Key to Quality Performance

Tuesday 7th October 2014

Princeps currently have a raft of KPIs in place to define and measure progress towards our goals. We set targets which are reviewed as part of our regular quality review process and identify strategies by which we can achieve our targets.   The two most popular KPIs within distribution are those for Delivery and Quality, […]

Princeps Year So Far…

Wednesday 6th August 2014

With 2 months left of our financial year 2013-14, I’d just like to have a brief look back on what Princeps & our staff have achieved so far. Princeps have already booked more & invoiced more orders this financial year than last. Princeps project to grow Bookings by 50% and Billings by 20%, our open […]

An Independent View of the Marketplace

Thursday 20th February 2014

Here at Princeps we source hundreds of products every day and by speaking to our customers, suppliers and looking at the various trading platforms that are available to us, we really get a true overall picture of what is currently going on within the marketplace. It is my opinion that things generally appear to be […]

First Impressions of Component Distribution

Thursday 23rd January 2014

First things first . . . Everybody here at Princeps hopes you had a very festive Christmas and enjoyable New year! Back to the grindstone very quickly however, things for us have picked up where they left of last year. . . . thriving! A new year and a new blog post. My name is […]

What Princeps means to me…

Monday 9th December 2013

My name is Dan Hughes and I am the Managing Director here at Princeps Electronics. When I set Princeps up in 2006 I wanted to create a distributor known for its Quality, Service and Communication – a distributor that would listen to and work with its customers, becoming a key component in their supply chain. […]

A Quality View from Goods In

Thursday 14th November 2013

I celebrated half a century of birthdays this summer and have been working within the electronics distribution industry for over 30 years in Harlow. The past three years have been spent working for Princeps in the Stores Department. My role covers many aspects, following the company’s quality processes and procedures.   When receiving goods I […]

Why I Love Standards

Tuesday 5th November 2013

I love standards, not a particularly earth shattering statement from a quality manager, but I do really love standards – without standards and the compliance they demand how could we differentiate the good from the bad and the risky from the safe. Take AS9120 for instance, this is the quality system for distributors, it takes […]