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This is what you can expect from us every time you place an order or contact us – it’s what we call our Hassle Free Commitment.

  • We keep you informed. There are only two reasons you will need to contact us: to make an enquiry or to place an order. All other communications will be from us to you keeping you up-to-date at every step allowing you to spend your time on your business.
  • We handle all enquires without delay. When you make an enquiry you’ll know when to expect a quotation and if anything changes we’ll let you know immediately. You will always know exactly what is happening.
  • We confirm all orders. We will send you a detailed confirmation of your order specifying pricing, delivery dates, RoHS status and date codes – all itemised: no nasty surprises or assumptions.
  • We advise all shipments. With notification of tracking details in your inbox before the goods arrive in your stores you will be able to plan effectively – you will never have to chase us for tracking information.
  • We listen to our customers. Whenever a new buyer places an order with Princeps for the fist time we invite them to review the order process and give us honest feedback. This means we can be confident that we always provide the very best service.
  • We will only call you when you need us to. We will agree a contact profile with you so you can stipulate what level of communication suits you. We know you have a million and one things to spend your time on and dealing with unnecessary sales calls shouldn’t be one of them.